Nasty Nancies

The Nasty Nancies are the women’s Division 2  travel team for the Brisbane City Rollers. The Nasty Nancies participate in various bouts throughout the year.  As a representative squad the Nasty Nancies line-up is continually updated to include new team members who want to take their roller derby to the next level and to represent the league at tournaments Australia-wide.

BCR Nasty Nancies team photo

Team Photo (2016):

Left to right (Back row): Slash-Ur-Heart-Scarebear (Coach), Horror Lulu, Peppermint Crunch, Hail Razor, Cutt Luce, Thundapuss, Quiet Riot, Mumma Jugs, Romaniac

Left to right (Front row): Wickrd, Devil Lyn, Shellfish, K-Tasstrophie, Clare Bitch Project, Nerdvana.

Tell me more about the Nasty Nancies…

The Nasty Nancies 2016 line-up included members from the Punk Blockers (squad), Violet Femmes and Banshees. Each member was not only determined to be part of an amazing super-pack of competitive skaters, but also to push themselves to new levels. And as we all know, this means competing against the best Australia has to offer.

So with this in mind the Nasty Nancies regularly bout against local representative teams and scrimmage against the Punk Blockers travel team so to make sure they reach their derby goals.

This commitment and determination not only represents BCR as a whole, but also represents the league’s mid-level skaters on a more personal level as the Nasty Nancies can be seen as the training ground for the Punk Blockers. However on a lighter note, you can always pick the Nasty Nancies in a crowd by their team colours – red, black and white tartan and hear their super-fun team chant;

(Batman theme)
Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah
Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah NANCIES!

Team Line-Up

The Nasty Nancies line-up changes bout-to-bout. Stay updated via the Nasty Nancies – BCR Facebook Page for current line-up details.

Watch the Nasty Nacies in action on our youtube channel.